The Overlord Collection - History Redefined

The Overlord Collection is a privately owned collection based in the United Kingdom. The focus of the collection is U.S uniforms, equipment, groupings and ephemera used for the planning, the preparation and the invasion of Normandy.

The website is the brain child of Thomas Hancock who has been an advanced collector and historian since the late 90’s when he became involved with WW2 military vehicles.
The interest of the vehicles soon switched over to a passion for the uniforms and equipment used during WW2.

Like many collectors he dreamed of having his own museum to share the collection.
After nearly 2 years of development the virtual museum you see today became a reality.

The virtual museum has been put together to allow anyone with an interest in WW2 history the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the uniforms and equipment used during not only the Normandy campaign but the whole European campaign.
There is the opportunity to view the items together on mannequins with interactive galleries and there are close up pictures of the rarer and more specialist items.

The website has spawned from the frustration as a collector of the lack of good quality items and displays available in museums, books and on-line for reference purposes.

The Overlord Collection also brings you an affiliate sales site that offers original WW2 M-1 Helmets and WW2 collectables.

The purpose of the website is to educate and to act as a reminder of the sacrifices that many millions of people made during this important part of history.
The site is intended for educational purposes only and does not represent any political views of the collection.

The Overlord Collection is an active and growing collection and we are always interested to talk to people who have information or items that might benefit the collection.